What I’m Cooking

As we stand at the edge of Autumn, still clinging to the last warm rays of summer sun poking through the cool breezes, hinting at the weather to come, I inevitably find the best of both seasons sharing time on my plate.

First off, representing Summer are little batons of squash and zucchini quickly sauteed in olive oil and finished with slivers of raw garlic and fresh marjoram. Meanwhile, Fall makes its presence know in the form of pureed butternut squash, roast duck breast. Finally pomegranate and provide a spicy, sweet, crunchy contrast.
Do all of these things make sense together on one plate? Not typically, but they taste great because they’re super fresh from our local farmers and as long as this warm weather hangs out, I’m happy to have to have the tastiest produce from Summer and Fall on my plate for some unexpected, delicious dinners.

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